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The European Referendum - 10th June 2003

Yesterday, the chairman of the National Electoral commission, Feredynand Rymarz, announced officially the results of referendum regarding Poland joining UE. More than 17 million Poles voted out of which 13 million (77,45%) declared "YES" to European Union. The attendance was v58,85% which means that referendum is vital.

The first place in Webska@Szkola Competition - 10th June 2003

We were awarded the first prize in Poland-wide competition Webska@Szkola for the best school web site. As a reward we were given a computer set Geo-PC with Pentium 4 processor, LCD Belinea screen, 17' Belinea screen and three ITP printers. Works on development of a new school portal's version lasted constantly from November 2002. Michal Zawada was a main designer of a layout and Marcin Nowak was responsible for updating the school site and Euroszkola site. Thank you and congratulations.

The Team of Month for May 2003 - 5th June 2003

Hooray! We were awarded with a honour of being "The Team of a Month for May 2003". Our screen from presentation "What's up? - our passions and visions" from a PASSIONS department was acknowledged as the best in Europe in category of 12-15-year-old students. Our school is going to get a prize of 250 Euro. We are impatiently waiting for an announcement of competition results, which will be available in the middle of August. We remind you that last year our school got the first place in JOIN MULTIMEDIA 2002 competition. We encourage you to visit our screen gallery from our presentation.

Quality of mark Interkl@sa - 7th of June 2003

On 16th of June in Parliament of Poland in Warsaw Gymnasium no.2 in Żory will be acknowledged with a mark of quality Interkl@sa. Our school is going to be the first school in Silesian Province and the second gymnasium in Poland, which will get this honour. Only these schools that prepare the young people to the age of information can take part in this event. This awarding shows that our school became an important centre of initiating the idea of information society. Our school will be represented by its headmistress, Mrs. Ewa Kempny, together with delegation of nineteen people, including students and teachers.

Join Multimedia 2003 - 2nd June 2003

After over half a year of intensive working on Join Multimedia 2003 project the presentation "What's up? - our passions and visions" was created by the team in lineup: Kasia Krawczyk, Gosia Mo¶, Ewelina Golińska, Michał Zawada, Marcin Nowak and Kuba Grabiec and their carers: Mr. Jacek Swierkocki and Mrs. Magdalena Wróbel. A lot of students participated in creating this presentation. Therefore, we would like to thank them. Very special acknowledgement for Ola Adamska and Karolina Dydak. Soon we will be able to find some extensive extracts from the presentation on the school website.
Works on extending the school website connected with participating in "Webska@Szkoła" and "E-Schola 2003" competition have already been finished. Currently, the school school website and "Euroschool" site are being updated everyday.

>>> see the screens from presentation <<<

The Provincial Final of Polandwide competition "Euroschool on Internet" - 30th May 2003

Today the Provincial Final of Polandwide competition "Euroschool on Internet" took place in our school. We hosted the representatives of Polish President from Warsaw, people from local coucil as well as students and teachers from Bielsko-Biała's and Ravibórz's high schools, who were also awarded in the competition. We would like to remind that the team in lineup: Kasia Krawczyk, Gosia Mos, Michal Zawada and Marcin Nowak and their carer Mr. Jacek Swierkocki were awarded the first prize in the Silesian province. Soon, the Polandwide Final is taking place in Warsaw. We will be the only gymnasium among 16 schools.

The School European Referendum - 28th May 2003

The European Referendum took place today in our school.
The School Youth Referendum Committee consisted of: Marta Kmiolek, Bozena Kozdon, Malgorzata Mos, Katarzyna Krawczyk, Magda Garlinska, Wojciech Kozdon and Piotr Blazyca. The committee took care of the entire course of voting. There are 647 people in our school who have rights of vote.
503 people voted (which is 77,74% of all who have rights of voting). Unfortunately, 9 votes were invalid. Counting only correct votes: there were 367 votes (74,29%) who want Poland to join EU and 127 votes (25,71%) of these people who are against.

French exhibition - 23rd May 2003

The students from the class IIId together with their French teacher Miss Dorota Arasim prepared the exhibition about France. The main attraction of this exhibition was the miniature of Eiffle Tower.

>>> We warmly invite you to see the photo gallery. <<<

Debate about EU - 21st May 2003

The debate about the European Union took place today in our school. "The battle" between the followers and opponents of Poland accession to EU lasted for about an hour.

>>> Let's visit our photo gallery.< <<<

The Competition "Fox 2003"

The Competition "Fox 2003" was carried out on 5th March 2003 year in our school Gymnasium nr 2 in Żory. It was an English Competition organised by Slaskie Stowarzyszenie Oswiatowe "Delta".
6255 students from 298 schools took an archive part in this competition in the Silesian district. Our school was represented by 46 students in two categories: "Lions" and "Ducks".
These are the following students who were awarded:
Jacek Dyrda, Anna Faruga, Korneliusz Olejniczak, Patrycja Mandrysz, Katarzyna Krawczyk, Karolina Dydak, Patryk Sobczyk, Mirek Łakota.

The European Competition - 14th May 2003

In order to prepare the younger part of our society to the future life in the European Union a competition was organised to check the level of so-called European awareness. It took place on 14th May in the Gymnasium no.3 in Żory. All Żory's gymnasiums, including the Gymnasium for Adults, participated in it. Our school was represented by three students: Małgorzata Mos, Przemysław Witek and Aleksandra Socha and their teacher, Mr Andrzej Kasza.
The contest was divided into two parts - a written and an oral one. The written part checked the knowledge about history of the European Union, whereas the oral required not only observance but also a great capability of associating the facts. Between the tasks there were numerous art performances, such as European fashion show, the national dances of the EU countries or the EU anthem. The rivalry was extremely equal, even though the questions were often difficult and tricky. Finally, the winner was Gymnasium no.3 with the total score of 82 points. Our gymnasium, having only one point less, was awarded the second prize.
In the end our president, Mr Waldemar Socha, in his speech mentioned important words: "We are for Europe and Europe is for us."

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